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Pin to Kona

Lately my daughter and I are into Pin to Kona. ^^
Kyonouske reminds me of doumouji (MatsuJun)!! Kis-my-ft2's opeining songs sounds also like Arashi's .... <3 vlcsnap-2013-08-22-10h00m58s74

Oh-chan and his scandale

According to Fybabe-san Oh-chan has admitted to 3P.

It may be bad but no one is perfect. Everyone does things once which we would rather erase it or like in a PC game re-start the level. I'm sure Oh-chan would like to do this right now. He probably already forgot the whole thing. Why do these girls who seem to appear from nowhere reliving this? OK, I know the truth: They probably wanted money and Arashi's downfall! I don't know them but it doesn't hinder me to HATE them!
This article has already affected some CMs. Hopefully this will not affect AAA cons!!! Arashi is a idol group, however, I don't understand why things like this always have such great consequences in Japan. I don't know much about Japanese idol groups except for JE groups, though I'm sure everyone smokes, has partnerships, tried (heavy or not so heavy) drugs, etc.

MAOU's character has bad influence on Oh-chan's reputation: These two girls may have wanted to show Oh-chan's "real" heart by leaking this incident to the public. LOL.

Whatever the case may be: I will ALWAYS support Arashi and Oh-chan. I just don't know how to let Arashi and Ohno know this! I can't write Japanese so well. ;_; I love Oh-chan's voice!!!

Dear God (and also Jonny-san) please don't let this have too much effect on Arashi's TV appearances and existence!!!

Ganbatte Arashi, Ganbatte Leader!!!



Your Vocabulary Score: A

Congratulations on your multifarious vocabulary!
You must be quite an erudite person.

You Are Winter!


You Are 32% Obsessive

You tend to have a few obsessive thoughts, but you generally have them under control.
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You Are 60% Left Brained, 40% Right Brained

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If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.
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The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.
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If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.
Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.
Hi minna!
Genki desu ka. i just watched some Bambino clips and wanted to share them with you.
in the first clip matsujun is being "interviewed" by a woman from ntv.

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only 6 days to go! ^-^
enjoy minna!!


You Sometimes Hold a Grudge

You aren't exactly vengeful, but you're not going to forget when someone wrongs you.
And while you'll forgive the small things, you don't hand out too many second chances to people who really screw up.

thats true ne ~~~~

Your Inner Blood Type is Type O

You are outgoing, gregarious, and well loved.
And it's a good thing you're super charming...
Because you also tend to be a bit flaky!
Your confidence gets your far, and you always speak your mind.

You are most compatible with: O and AB

Famous Type O's: John Lennon and Elvis


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KYAAAA!!! ~~~~~~~~

My Love So Sweet CDs already arrived today!! Couldn’t believe it at first when my brother told me so. I thought he was teasing me since my only concern these past days was when I would finally receive them !!

Thanks to Yukie-chan, I can watch the PV well before my bedtime!

Now, I have good hopes to have a wonderful dream about Arashi and not about my frustrating job!


Happy (belated) Birthday, Sho-Chan!!!
Joyeux Anniversaire !
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Sho-Chan!!

Mögen all Deine Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen, Du weiterhin in bei News Zero arbeiten und noch viele Dokusendungen moderieren! ^-^ Hoffentlich können wir Dich bald auch wieder in einer neuen Serie bewundern, vielleicht sogar zusammen mit Oh-chan und Aiba. XD Wenn der Dramagott so will, in der neuen Serie von MatsuJun!! ROFL!!


Star Bowling with Nino and Nakai ^-^

Hi minna-san!! My name is Kamila and it's my first time posting here. Douzo yoroshiku! ^-^
Yesterday, i watched star bowling with Nino. If you are interested, here is the torrent link. Sorry, i can't upload anything at the moment since my connection is very very bad, hopefully it will get better soon ...
Here are some memorable moments. ^____________^ :

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Hope you enjoyed this as much i did!


Handan Returns

Yeah! I rewatched handan2 twice today and made a lot of screenshots. Unfortunately, i couldn't upload all the pictures onto my lj gallery. It took sooo long. T_T The reason could be that i'm trying to dowload a lot at the moment ...
The points i loved seeing in Handan2:

  • The same opening as in Handan1 (Makino Tsukushi's eyes in the very beginning).
  • The speaking English (Tsukushi: "ekkuse me" or "i am bus". HILARIOUS!! MatsuJun's "I'll be light there." The Amerikans going "our famous/great Doumiyoji." This was hilarious!
  • The opening!! Such a cute opening. All of them seem to be really happy.
  • Seeing the owner of the dango shop (i forgot her name >///<.)
I didnt like seeing these:
  • Junpei (Touma) with his hair back *_*


Some screenshots ^^ many more to follow

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Can't wait for subs to be released! *^-^*



Kyaaa~~~ Finally!! i finished watching hanadan2!!! yatta~~~~ 
I HAVE to rewatch it and make a loooot of screenshots which will be uploaded here. MatsuJun looked so great and the others, especially in the opening! Tsukushi-chan looked the BEST. The opening was so sweet. 
The most important thing: Love so Sweet is such a cute song!!! I love Oh-chan's voice in their ...

Ja mata!